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Close friendship

You know the people. The ones who have stuck around through thick and thin. You’d do anything for them, as they would for you. They’re part of what makes life worth living.

Or maybe you don’t. All of us have fewer of these people than we did twenty years ago, and one in four of us don’t have any close connections at all.

We’ve changed as a society. We move further and work more. We’re more connected through new technologies, but we’re forming weaker links.

Kitestring is our flagship project that’s just finished a year of research with people aged from 25 to 95. We sought to understand what it takes to form close friendships in the modern world. Read our report and learn more at www.kitestring.org.


Connection to nature

South Australians are more connected to nature than most other people in the world. Surrounded by hills and sea, over 90% of South Australians visit a state or national park each year. 

But many features of the modern wold make it difficult for us to stay close to nature in our everyday lives.

We're working with people and organisations across South Australia to create more ways to connect with nature on a daily basis.

By making this work visible and widespread, we also aim to strengthen the statewide narrative around the intrinsic value of nature.


Innovation incubator

With over 1800 active volunteers, Trees for Life has a strong presence in South Australia. Recognising that community attitudes to volunteering are changing, they approached us to build their innovation capability, explore future audiences, and get ahead of the change.

We designed a nine month version of our innovation incubator for Trees for Life, customised for a mixed group including staff, the leadership team, and two sustainability officers from partnering councils.

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