Clients and collaborators

Every project is a collaboration with our partners and clients to try for something ambitious and creative. Our team has worked with businesses, government, social enterprises, non-profits, and philanthropic organisations across Australia.

Hinterland Innovation facilitated our board and staff planning day in May 2017. They worked with us prior to the workshop to ensure there was clarity in what we were seeking to achieve, devised creative activities to keep us engaged and on-track and the report they provided was effective and practical, providing an excellent summary of the discussion and a clear way forward for us.

We are very grateful to Ryan and Robin for sharing their expertise and energy with us and we enthusiastically recommend them to others.
— Helga Svendsen, Board Chair, Centre for Sustainability Leadership

What do we do?


Strategy +

We specialise in strategy for times of uncertainty and change

We use ethnographic, contextual research to help you see more clearly, then work with you to generate new options backed by strong business models. Finally, we'll help you articulate a clear, compelling story to get your staff and stakeholders on the same page.



Want to try something big?

Change a social narrative, knit together a community, or re-imagine an industry?

From our Kitestring friendship work to our South Australian narrative work, this is tackling projects where none of us know the answer at the start, but with the right people and the right process, we know we'll get somewhere great. 



Want to build your team's innovation capability? We can run introductory workshops on managing innovation or running human-centred design projects. Or we can mentor your team through a learning-by-doing incubation process over three to six months.

Our team has run innovation training for thousands of professionals across Australia.