Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.
— Martin Luther King, Jr

Power + Love

Why do both run projects and provide consultancy services? Why do we work on feel-good projects like building friendships alongside harder-edged campaign planning and strategy support?

We don’t believe that we’ll get to a world that’s more kind, just, and connected by just wishing it so. Inspired by the Berkana Institute’s Two Loops model of systems change, we believe we need to both create new structures of belonging the world as well as work to shift existing systems and power.

Systemic focus


In our society, we often identify a cohort of people that have a problem. Perhaps these are people who are 'socially isolated.' Our way to deal with this issue is to usually surround that cohort with services to fix them.

While we believe that social services are essential to the democratic project, there are serious limitations to the kinds of change our service systems can create. Further, the challenge that any cohort faces can almost always be expressed as a symptom of bigger challenges in our broader society. Social isolation, for example, pathologises and personalises a challenge that is in fact structural and societal. We have changed the ways we live, work, and relate to each other so dramatically over the past four generations that our structures in society actively separate us instead of connect us.

For us, the most interesting opportunities are working with broader society. We believe in taking a bigger lens that locates the problem in our broader structures and behaviours.