Making the world a better place is hard work.

We work with organisations who are committed to deeply grappling with the challenges of doing that well.

You don't need all the answers, just a problem you really care about.


Clients usually come to us with one of three challenges:


more clearly

"What we've tried before hasn't worked. We want to do something different, but we're not sure where to start"

We can take you through a design research process that will help you see more clearly what might be possible. Typically this will start with a session with your team to map out your current understanding. We'll identify your biggest questions and uncertainties, and then plan a research phase to get more information.

The research phase will usually be a mix of going deep to get an understanding of the people and context around your challenge and going wide to get lateral inspiration. Out of this design research process we'll create a map of opportunities and possibilities for the future.

Want to learn about similar projects? Give us a call and ask us about our work with the Department for the Environment in South Australia, or our work on friendship and community.

new options

"We know we're at a cross-roads, but we don't like any of our options"

We can help you generate new options. We'll typically run a session with your team to understand your history, context, and what you currently see as possible. We'll help you work backward to frame a clear diagnosis of your strategic challenge and then work with you to generate and prototype new possibilities.

Want to learn about similar projects? Give us a call and ask about our work with Riding for the Disabled.

Crafting a
strong story

"We do too many things. We need a more focused narrative of our work"

We can help you craft a strong story. This isn't just a marketing exercise. If we want to make a difference in the world, we can't do it on our own. We need management, staff, partners, and stakeholders all on the same page about our key insights and process for creating change. That way they can build on it and take our work to places we couldn't have imaged on our own.

We'll work with your team to better articulate what you do, how it all fits together, what's core to making it work, and what roles others have in realising the change you want to see.

Want to learn about similar projects? Give us a call and ask us about our work with Conservation SA.


Not sure what you need? Let's talk it through.

We run a variety of capability-building formats,
from a two hour workshop to a six month program.


Introduction to human centred design

We can give your team a taste of human centred design in an interactive half-day, full day, or two day workshop.

We'll cover what makes innovation different from most daily work, and what mindsets, processes, and structures are best for supporting innovation in your organisation.

6 month project-based program

The best way to build capability is to learn by doing.

This is an incubator program that runs over three or six months (depending on your project). We'll run a series of workshops over the time, between which your team will be out in the field trying it out. We'll always be available behind the scenes to help get over difficult barriers or specific challenges.

Building an innovation team

Want to build an innovation team inside your organisation or strengthen an existing one?

We can help you with understanding who to hire, how to structure the work, what to place on your innovation roadmap, and how to measure performance.

Inspiration burst

Our ideas are only as good as the inspiration we can draw upon.

Need to expose your team to new ideas and approaches? We can run a two-hour interactive session customised for your team and your sector.


Want to talk through what option might be best for you?